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Online 24/7Support
If you are experiencing personal crisis, Nokutenda is available for 24/7 crisis support and suicide prevention services. Our hope and vision is a world free of suicide.
Nokutenda services available to everyone and works with disadvantaged communities, indigenous people, and new migrants and has practitioners who can speak foreign languages. Newly migrants can contact for basic help, Nokutenda will signpost to services best available to help so migrants can settle in.
Short-term support for people who are overwhelmed and having difficulty coping or staying safe
Real time using ‘chat’ technology
Confidential one-to-one with a Mental health practitioner
Discreet confidential 1:1 sessions with practitioner
Open to everyone globally. Practitioners in Zimbabwe, United Kingdom and Australia

Accessing service
Step 1: Click the online chat icon
Step 2: you can chose to remain anonymous or use your name. Nokutenda will ensure abstract essay confidentiality
Step 3: read and accept terms and conditions. By using service u will have accepted the terms of conditions of User Agreement.
User Agreement
i. accessing and/or using the website; or
ii. accessing and/or using any of the service,
You acknowledge that you have read and accept the Terms and agree to be bound by them, and an agreement is formed between Nokutenda and you (“Agreement”).




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