establishing a web based chat intervention accessed through internet. The chat intervention will be available at all hours and will be staffed by mental health practitioners. The chat line is to offer advice, support, short term interventions and referral to other services if needed.
The chat line will act as a crisis line with the aim to work with disadvantaged people who might not otherwise access services due to stigma issues and will aim to reduce suicide rates in this group of people. Reducing suicide rate is in line with the Government plans.
The organization will work with other services like police and community mental health teams regarding clients who presents with high risk of suicide and offer to be present during the assessments.
Providing health education and health promotion to target group regarding mental health, stigma, and benefits of early intervention, compliance with medication, drug and substance use, life style factors, healthy diets.Our values
These are our value which shine through in everything we do.
We are:
Collaborative – we are a great team, work well with agencies/organisation.
Accessible – our premises, staff and processes make it easy for people to deal with us.
Resourceful – we keep costs low, we overcome difficulties and get things done.
Independent – we are self-determining, we know what we are doing, we care about what we do and we have a record of success.
Non-judgmental – we are here to help anyone in dire need, without making judgements about how they have arrived where they are, and we have guidelines to determine how much support is given.
Genuine – we are clear and open about what we do; ask us for information and we’ll respond




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