Nokutenda Disability Foundation is a mental health NGO which is registered under the PVO Act 2013 with the aim of working with people with mental health disabilities. 40 percent of the Zimbabwe population are suffering from mental health illness. There is also a shortage of mental health treatment centers and shortage of mental health medication. Zimbabwe has only 12 psychiatrists covering with whole population of close to 16 million. Stigma is big issue with lack of awareness that mental illness is an illness. Cultural beliefs are equally damaging, mental health problems may be attributed to witchcraft. In such instances, both family members and communities would not seek modern remedies. Religious perceptions, for instance, may cause people to view mental illnesses as matters of spiritual concern rather than genuine illnesses that can be treated using modern socio-psychological and scientific methods. The situation has also been compounded by few donor organizations that support mental health activities despite the magnitude of the problem. Nokutenda seeks to help address the problems by working with people with mental health illness in Zimbabwe. The activities will range from health education and health promotion, addressing stigma and discrimination and providing facilities for the treatment of mental illness The need for Nokutenda Disability Foundation THE effects of almost two decades of an economic free-fall has had a devastating mental, emotional and physical toll on the generality of Zimbabweans who can no longer absorb the rigors of the meltdown There are only four public institutions with psychiatric beds: Harare Hospital Psychiatric Unit, Parirenyatwa Hospital Annexe, Ingutsheni Hospital, Mpilo Hospital Psychiatric Unit, and the Ngomahuru and Sakubva Units at Masvingo Hospital. The country has also witnessed an increase in violent crimes and one cannot rule out the existence of a causal link between some of the vices and mental health illnesses. Aims and Objectives

1. AIM

Improve the quality of life for people with mental health illness.


i. To facilitate establishment of income generating projects and offer life skills to people with disabilities. ii. To provide psycho-social support to the people with disabilities. iii. To provide basic needs such as food and clothing to people with disabilities. iv. To establish a community based rehabilitation facility for people with disabilities More About Us (Zimbabwe) Nokutenda Disability Foundation focuses on promoting mental health for all participants, as well as promoting and protecting the rights of individuals with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities. Psychosocial disability is a term used to describe the experience of people with impairments and participation restrictions related to mental health conditions. Psychosocial disability relates to the effect that a mental illness has on someone’s ability to participate fully in life. Individuals with a psychosocial disability are prevented from taking part in opportunities such as education, training, and achieving their goals and ambitions.Not everyone with a mental illness will necessarily have a level of impairment that will result in a psychosocial disability.




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